We proudly set progressive and effective standards for design and collaboration, construction safety and quality, and complete management for efficiency of resources and costs. Our team is determined to keep the ethic that “Building is a science and requires art.” A client that needs an efficient and educated, fast-track responsive team, turns to the Titus Group whether for commercial needs, institutional, industrial and residential.

The Titus Group Team strives to keep diversity through a collection of industries while maintaining communication for an established sense of focus on design-build ethics. With the base of many minds in sync, we are able to work and build anywhere. ​

Every client deserves a team that is dedicated, thoroughly trained and understanding of the base fundamentals of what makes up your organization. The Titus Group understands the necessity of innovations to deliver and create impressive building solutions.

Our company does not follow a specific cookie-cut way of business. Each case has its own specific set of requirements that are followed firmly. Our company will never idly apply usual standards and say, “this is how it has always been done.”

We constantly focus on the needs of the customer and how to apply the newest technologies in a way that exceeds past and dated projects. Our innovative methods allow us to produce and excel with high-quality projects.

Our projects are woven as a quilt made with the finest pieces of innovation with our core values embroidered in the center. These values delegate The Titus Group. They are the foundation of our company and the source of our project’s success. 

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Titus Group (TG) provides a full list of services available for any user who requires a build-to-suit project. TG offers everything from site selection & design management to project capitalization and construction management. At TG we ensure that the client comes first in all aspects of the project. The project may be construction on a specific site selected by the client, or on a land/development already owned by Titus Group. The design-build process allows construction to take place concurrently with design finalization. TG provides a single point of contact to the client which reduces the risk for the client and will also speed up the delivery process by overlapping design and construction which will in turn result in significant savings to the client.


At Titus Group, we pride ourselves on our development expertise and we enjoy partnering with landowners in both the private and public sectors. Among the list of items that TG can provide landowners are master planning, site design, and due diligence management. We will ensure the land owner's maximum profitability. We implement a rigorous due diligence process to minimize the risk.TG's competitive capital solicitation along with our rigorous due diligence process quickly translates into an opportunity for maximum value. 


Titus Group offers investors seeking to own prime warehouse space for immediate tenancy a comprehensive speculative opportunity to do so. Whether a private or institutional investor, TG's experience allows us to identify ideal land areas best suited for speculative development and we can provide a plan for delivery and execution. Location is crucial for distributors, and no company knows that more than Titus Group. We have millions of square feet of speculative buildings that we have no only procured, but designed, built, and leased for clients nationwide. We conduct extensive location analysis, and strategically place each facility into a strategic location with long term functionality to ensure maximum returns for users and investors alike.


We believe our creativity and resourcefulness help us manage your complex real estate projects and provide excellent customer service.  We listen, we learn, and we lead, implementing industry-leading practices and techniques to exceed your expectations.

Our team has the flexibility and skill to adapt to your changing project conditions. We know our people are different. By having the right team with a  detailed plan, you can focus on your business and we can focus on your project. We don’t just save you time and money; we prevent lost time and excessive costs through our diligent approach to each project.

We serve you, managing the design and construction of real estate projects from concept to completion. Whether your needs are local, regional, or national, our goal in building a lasting partnership with you remains the same– to act as your representative, while maintaining quality and consistency across your corporate real estate projects.

From speculative developments to master planning/feasibility assessments, to build-to-suit projects, we partner with your team, managing all phases of the development process. From small interior finish-outs to multi-million-dollar renovations, we work with you to create a plan and execute your construction project, whether capital repairs or tenant improvements, on time and under budget.


Site Selection & Acquisition

Contract Review

& Due Diligence

Project Team Selection

& Coordination

Master Planning & Design

Entitlements & Permitting


Infrastructure & Traffic Studies

Underwriting, Financing, & PRoject Cost Control

Construction Management


Project Meetings